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Tumbled Stone / Botticino Marble: Decco-Stone is a beautiful tumbled stone which when sublimated displays a surberb flat Matt finish.

Sizes are:
Small - 4"x4"
Med - 6"x6"
Lg -12"x12"

Small or Medium tile may also be purchased as a multiple 12 piece Mural.

Have your pet's personalized artistic portrait permanently applied with Dye Sublimation to specially coated featured marble, aqua tile, metal or ceramic, (it is not something you can coat yourself). Sublimation ink is unique in it's ability to convert from a solid to a gas with out going through a liquid form. (just like dry ice)
Select size and type of memorial, E-Mail pet photo or jpeg, Pay in full with check, credit card or cash. Please note that all payments must clear before orders are shipped.

25% of proceeds earmarked to benefit the city programs of the Humane Society of New York City.


Porcelain Aqua tiles - UV Resistant - Gloss Surface - Suitable for Wet Areas
These porcelain tiles have the look of real stone with non absorbancy of hard fired porcelain. Perfect for exterior memorials and placement in wet locations.

All aqua tiles are 6"x6"